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Release Date: 14/04/2022 Genres: FPS Developer: Digital Delights

Skate and shoot to survive.

The Protagonist Bot, trapped in a hellish game for other entertainment.

Since the first boot up there has only been one directive, to run and shoot to survive. 

Every day Crowds of bots cheer why they send out their new Antagonist Bot death machines. They are strong, they are fast but also broken.

No longer will this game be entertainment for other Bots. There is a new directive to be free.

To be the champion.


Key Features


Gain speed, explore, gear up and shoot through waves of Antagenst Bots.


Choose one of two locations to become the champion and prove to them all, that there is only one Protagonist. 

The Arena is set in the dead of night on top of a building in the Bot's new capital city. Design for movement this stadium sets the new standard for speed and versatility.

The Facility is set in a part of this world long forgotten. With tight corners and roofs, one's ability to aim will be their best friend. 

Guns & Augments

Pick up the tools for the job and enhance your ability by using five different unique weapons and six augments.

Use the Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper, Pistol, or Greatsword to slay the Antagonist Bots where they stand.

Become More powerful to defeat your foes using Augments. enhancing the Protagonist's physical prowess and weapon behavior.  

Antagonist Bots

Run from and defeat four top-of-the-line Antaginest Bots why they seek the protagonists Bot out and end his career to become the champion.

Drones, why weak will try to swarm you and overpower you with numbers and air power.

Walkers, the calvary of the Antaginest Bots seek you out and will outmaneuver you why they fire their deadly weapons.

Trappers, avoiding the Protagonists why still being a menace.

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Digital Delights

Run N Gun (5).png

Digital Delights is a Team Consisting of Students at Depaul University In Chicago, IL.


The members of our team Taban Lewis, Carlos Ruiz, Sally Le, Tommy Christ, and Collin White are senior game design students part of the school of the College of Computing and Digital Media. (CDM)

Run N' Gun is a Game Developed for our senior Capstone project and demonstrates our 4 years of study at Depaul.

Key Features
Digital Delights
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