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Persona 5 Royal Mechanic Breakdown

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

art by Atlus


For a while now I have been writing down mechanics for games that I play so I can have a reference to them and understand some of the systems people love or hate. why he is not an in-depth look at the systems of this game (Balance numbers, stats, and scaling) is a general write-up of mechanics. I want to share this with artists, designers, and, developers who are interested in learning and may find this interesting or educational.


Gameplay systems


Characters hit points 0=death


Characters special points or mana for persona abilities

Player exp

Exp for the player is what level of persona the player can use for example player cant use a level 99 persona if the player is level 2

Persona EXP

The level of a persona


Levels up their persona boosting states and adding skills

Combat systems


Skills have affinities( or elements) and enemies are weak to some affinities then take an extra turn and knock down the enemy.

the player can also be knockdown due to weaknesses based on what persona they have equipped the enemy then can take an extra turn

personas can also resist or absorb as HP an affinity


  • PHYS

  • GUN

  • FIRE

  • ICE

  • ELEC

  • WIND

  • PSY

  • NUKE


  • CURE



Lets the player decide to control AI or set it for a specific action like aggressive or defense


Attack enemy from behind lower places alert rate and attack first


After knocking down all enemies you can hold them up and are given the option of an all-out attack or talk

All-out attacks

A super attack with all-party members


Part of hold-ups lets you get money, items, and from enemies


Negotiate to add more personas if you already own a persona you get exp for it instead of part of hold up system

Baton Pass

If a party member weakens an enemy they can pass their second turn to another party member and that member gets dmg up /a heal and resort sp with dart mini-game.


An attack was two-party members work together can only be used at the start of the party members’ turn. This attack only triggers sometimes after a baton passes or when the enemy is near dead

Hostage situation

Enemies can take knocked down party members hostage. The Player has to negotiate to get them back

Combat controls

  • triangle=persona

  • square=items

  • x=attack

  • o=gurad

  • Up dpad= gun

  • left/right dpad= select enemy

  • L2=orders

  • L1=Analysis

  • Tactics

  • Escape

  • R2= baton pass

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